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New Student Enrollment


If you are considering becoming a student, or having your child become a student with Pacific Ballet Conservatory, please contact us for a consultation and evaluation.


Let us know if you are a beginner or tell us about your prior training or experience. You may reach us at the studio office for a smooth registration process.  We look forward to getting the best fit for your dancer's needs.

Please take a look at our Class Schedules, Summer Camps, Summer Intensives and review our school policies.

If you are a current student, please login to your Pacific Ballet Conservatory account to select and enroll in classes.

Pacific Ballet Conservatory
Dancer’s Principles

  • I will commit to always do my own personal best.

  • I will support, help and encourage my fellow dancers.

  • I will be respectful and thankful to my parents, teachers, Studio Staff and volunteers.

  • I will be friendly and gracious to all participants at dance auditions, rehearsals and performances, and I will try to make new friends there.

  • I will be careful to take time with myself to be well groomed and prepared before class, rehearsals, auditions and performances.

  • I will be an outstanding representative from my dance school.

  • I will perform at my own true level of ability and always have a good attitude about my dance studies.

  • I will be modest and humble in victory.

  • I will be gracious in defeat.

  • I will focus on participation, cooperation, kindness and harmony in all that I do with my fellow dance students and teachers.

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