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NEW Schedule is now out. Click here to get info for Summer 2023 and the Year 2023-2024 Schedules.

Summer Camp Dates (CLICK HERE FOR INFO):

June 26 - 30, 2023

July 10 - 14, 2023

July 17 - 21, 2023

Summer Intensive (CLICK HERE FOR INFO):

July 16 - 22, 2023

Featuring: Stephanie Maiorano and Tona Gomez

Year 2023-2024 Sign ups are available. Click here for updated schedule.

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All students must enter from an outside door (these entrances will be marked for each classroom) and an email with a map will be sent out.

The LOBBY must stay clear at all times and their will be NO seating available.  If you need to speak with the office, please call (949) 837-0095 from the parking lot and someone will come out to meet with you.  Payments can be dropped in an envelope (cash or check) with your dancer’s name through the mail slot at the front door.  We will email you a receipt immediately.  Credit card payments can be run online or can be accepted via a phone call.

  1. To Be Admitted Into Class:

    • - Masks are personal preference.

    • - Hand sanitizer is provided at the beginning and the end of class.

    • - You will be asked “how are you feeling today”.  You must answer honestly and if you are unwell, student will be asked to leave.

    • - Temperatures will be taken as your dancer is being admitted into class, if they have a temperature of 99.4 or higher, they will be asked to leave.  Stay in the shade when you are waiting to come into the studio classroom.  (When you are dropping off your dancer, you may want to stay in the parking lot until they are admitted into class).

    • - All doors will be open during class for ventilation and the teacher will utilize the fans in each room.

    • - If you do any floor work during the class time you will be asked to wash and or sanitize your hands after touching the floor.

    • - Look for the green barre tape to distance yourself from the next student when you are at the barre and pick a spot on the dance floor and try to stay within it. (6 Foot Social Distancing)

  2. All students must exit the building in the appropriate direction.

  3. The bathrooms will be cleaned intermittently during the day and you may use them at any time.

  4. If you have another class in a different room, you must wait outside and enter at the appropriate entrance.

    • If you have time between classes, plan on bringing a snack, book, water to pass the time outside, there is not congregating in the lobby.  Please social distance.

  5. The dressing rooms will also be closed.

If your dancer or anyone in your family has or has been in contact with someone with COVID-19 please notify the office immediately and stay home.

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