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School Policies

"Our Mission is to provide our students with the personal care, guidance, and training to help them become consummate dancers and young adults of exceptional caliber."

Pacific Ballet Conservatory
Dancer’s Principles

  • I will commit to always do my own personal best.

  • I will support, help and encourage my fellow dancers.

  • I will be friendly and gracious to all participants at dance auditions, rehearsals and performances, and I will try to make new friends there.

  • I will be respectful and thankful to my parents, teachers, Studio Staff and volunteers.

  • I will be careful to take time with myself to be well groomed and prepared before class, rehearsals, auditions and performances.

  • I will be an outstanding representative from my dance school.

  • I will perform at my own true level of ability and always have a good attitude about my dance studies.

  • I will be modest and humble in victory.

  • I will be gracious in defeat.

  • I will focus on participation, cooperation, kindness and harmony in all that I do with my fellow dance students and teachers.

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Dress Code


The Pacific Ballet Conservatory endorses a professional dress code.  We are concerned with clean, simple attire which will not detract from our purpose in training dancers.  We do not want dance attire to be a financial burden to families.


All classes (except Hip Hop) require a leotard and tights.  No bare knees or midriffs.  No jewelry or watches.  No gum.  Hair must be secured out of face.

Hair should be secured in a professional bun if at all possible.  Hair should be off the face with no loose ponytails.  If you are not sure how to secure a bun, please ask your instructor to show you.  Theatrical, light pink tights must be worn at all times in all classes.  Girls must wear light pink ballet shoes.

All students must wear a plain black leotard (no attached skirts) and pink tights.  No shorts, skirts, or shirts.  Attire for Pointe classes is based on ballet level.

Any style and color leotard and pink tights.  No shorts or shirts.  Skirts are acceptable by instructor approval ONLY.  (If you are a level 4/5 dancer taking a level 5 class, you must follow the Ballet 4 dress code.)  Attire for Pointe classes is based on ballet level.

Any color and style leotard/unitard and skirt.  Pink, black or tan tights.  Pink, white or black slippers.

Any  color and style leotard and tights MUST be worn; hair must be in a neat ponytail or professional bun.  Any additional jazz pants, shorts, t-shirts are allowed if they are FORM FITTING AND NOT BAGGY.  Jazz shoes (bare feet for Modern.)  No bare knees or midriffs.

Any color and style leotard and tights MUST be worn; hair must be in a neat ponytail or professional bun.  Any additional jazz pants, shorts, t-shirts are allowed if they are FORM FITTING AND NOT BAGGY.  Black tap shoes.  No bare knees or midriffs. No jeans.

Leotard and tights are NOT required; however, knees and midriffs MUST be covered.
  No jeans.  

SHOES NEEDED:  Tennis shoes for class ONLY, not to be worn outside the dance room.

White t-shirt tucked in, black footless tights, white socks, and black slippers.

Jazz pants or sweats and t-shirts.  No bare knees.  No jeans.


School Rules


  • We at PBC strive to maintain proper safeguards for your student at all times. However, PBC cannot be responsible for injuries sustained while traveling to or from PBC facilities, nor can we be responsible for injuries sustained while engaged in supervised or unsupervised activities within the PBC facility, or during rehearsals, performances, or competitions in other facilities.

  • If your child has an injury, please discuss this with the PBC staff before the class begins and provide a Doctor's note.

  • Punctuality is a must.  We cannot stress enough the importance of the opening class exercises, which are warm-ups to condition the body against injuries.  Dancers arriving after the first ten minutes of class will not be allowed admittance.  Arriving early and taking time to stretch before class is encouraged.

  • We kindly ask parents to make arrangements with their child’s instructor if a student must be excused from class early.  This will allow the class to continue without interruption and show respect to the instructor. Please remember to pick up your child promptly after their class.

  • The Staff at PBC is continually monitoring your student’s progress.  Most level changes occur in the months of January and July.  If you wish to discuss your student, please make an appointment with their Instructor and/or the Artistic Director as there is no time between classes for this type of discussion.

  • PBC cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen property.  Please put your name in all of your belongings.  The lost and found bin is located in the main lobby.

  • Please respect the instructors and children in the classroom.  Do not communicate through the lobby windows as it is a distraction to the students & instructors.

  • Please be certain your child is attired correctly for class with the appropriate dancewear and with hair secured properly (Refer to PBC dress code).

  • NO unsupervised children (without a parent) outside the building or in the parking lot.  There is no running or yelling in the lobby, or in the business park common areas.  No climbing on the trees.  No bike riding or skateboarding.


MAKE-UP CLASSES:  If you are a regularly enrolled student paying monthly tuition, you are entitled to make- up classes. Students are allowed to do make-ups for a period of 30 days after a missed class. In order to preserve the integrity of our class levels, students are allowed to do make-ups in a class of equal level only. If there is no other class of equal level offered, they may do a make-up in a lower level or alternate style. With class size restrictions make-ups will only be allowed in classes with space available. Missed class dates are YOUR responsibility.


1. Make sure it is within 30 days of your missed class.
2. Look at the schedule to find a class at your dancer’s level or below, available on the website.
3. E-Mail – with the class, date and time that the student missed/will miss and the class title, date, and time they want to do a make-up class in. Requests should be made at least 24 hours in advance. The office will let you know if space is available and confirm the make-up prior to your arrival.


PBC reserves the right to refuse service to any student or parent, at any time, at the discretion of the Staff, and to enforce the School Rules.

Tuition Policies


Tuition is due on the first of each month. If you remit your payment after the 10th of the month, your account will automatically be charged a $15.00 late fee; after the 20th of the month, your account will be charged An extra $25.00 late fee.

We understand it may be a hardship for some families to submit their tuition early in the month. We are happy to make arrangements when needed, if you communicate with us in advance that this is your situation.

Tuition at PBC is based on a monthly schedule, not per class.  This means your monthly tuition fee will not change if there are more or less classes in the month based on how the calendar falls.  Tuition will not be prorated for months with holidays in them.  Full tuition is due in June if you are performing.

Past Due Accounts:  Warnings are issued at 60 days past due; accounts are suspended at 75 days past due and students are no longer permitted to attend class until accounts are made current.  Accounts must be current for students to perform at our Gala Spring Performance.

IN ORDER TO RECEIVE A REFUND, a request must be made within 3 business days of the original payment. Monies cannot be transferred to other family members or friends. Registration Fees are non-refundable.  If you enroll in May or June for the following fall classes, requests for refunds must be made before July 1st of that same year.

We regretfully reserve the right to refuse service or admittance to anyone at our discretion.

Regularly enrolled students may take make-up classes for any missed classes within 30 days from the date missed as long as tuition is current.  Make-ups are non-transferable and may not be used in place of monthly tuition.

We are sensitive about preventing a child from continuing classes because of unpaid tuition. Therefore, we request that tuition be current at all times. This allows your child’s classes to continue uninterrupted.

In the event of a medical disability, we will prorate tuition in accordance with the date the credit is requested with a Doctor's note.

There will be a $25.00 charge for all returned checks.

Adding A Class
There must be an opening in a class in order to add it. Please check with the office for availability. You can sign up online, over the phone or at the front desk. If the class is full, you may choose to be placed on a waiting list. All class additions are subject to student evaluation and availability.

Changing A Class
There must be an opening in a class in order to switch into it. Please check with the office for availability. Please call, email or come into the office to see availability and make the switch. If the change is a change in class level, it must be approved by the Artistic Director or the Instructor. All class changes are subject to student evaluation and availability.

Dropping A Class
If you are interested in dropping a class, please inform the office as soon as possible. We have waiting lists for most classes with dancers eager to have a spot in class. A prorated credit will be applied to your account for the unused classes which will be used toward the following month’s tuition if dropped mid month.

If you need to withdraw from PBC and drop all classes, please inform the office as soon as possible. Under these circumstances you can elect to remain enrolled through the end of the month; or receive a credit on your account for the prorated, unused portion of your tuition, which can be used for single classes at the single-class rate for up to 6 months. (Both students AND parents may use this balance for classes.) After six months, any balance remaining is forfeited.

We reserve the right to refuse service or admittance to anyone at our discretion.

Download Tuition Policies

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